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Our Carpets Look Spotless!

We have had numerous carpet cleaners attempt to clean our carpet over the past 6 years with little success. The spots were never completely gone and reappeared within days. We had resigned ourselves to buying new carpet. We're glad we held off! James and his team made our carpets look spotless! It has been over two months and no spots have reappeared. James and his team also did a wonderful job of cleaning our tile. We did not think it was possible for our carpet and tile to get so clean! Thank you!

Monica Quinn

Redondo Beach, CA

Best Of The Best Carpet Cleaners!

James was a fantastic person to work with. He is not only a precise, efficient, & energetic If you need a professional to do a job, make sure you have James doing that job. He completed the interior of our motor home, a couch, (3) chairs and my mother-in laws motor home.

Rhonda Burgin

Santa Ana, CA

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Dazzle Stone & Fiber Care, Orange County, Los Angeles

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Carpet, Upholstery, Stone, and Tile Cleaning

Orange County - Los Angeles, CA

Welcome to Dazzle! We are all about personal service, and we've got the knowledge and experience necessary to get the job done right. We guarantee you'll be completely satisfied with our work.

At Dazzle, we are very knowledgeable and take pride in educating our clients so they understand exactly what they are paying for. We love answering questions and find great value in instructing our clients on how to properly maintain their surfaces so that the desired results are lasting.

We have been very gratefully serving the Orange County / Los Angeles area since 1988! Our owner, James Reese, got his start in the carpet cleaning industry upon high school graduation as a means to put himself through college. James quickly mastered the art of textile cleaning and began his journey into the world of hard surface care, like natural stone and tile.

Since then, his perfectionist mentality has driven his passion for providing the absolute best carpet, upholstery & stone care services available.

James is also a Certified Journeyman Cleaner with the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). This institute is designed to improve carpet cleaning standards, and to help eliminate unethical service provider practices.  The IICRC provides continuing education on the latest carpet and various surface cleaning & restoration technologies available.


How often should you have your carpets professionally cleaned?

Most carpet manufacturers recommend regular cleaning by a skilled professional every 12 months.
This is often necessary to maintain the warranty.

Regular maintenance cleaning extends the life of your carpet and saves you from having to spend a large amount of money to replace prematurely worn carpet. Carpets cleaned on a regular maintenance basis will provide a healthy and safe living environment for you and your family!

For more information, please see the graphic at the bottom of this page - "How Often Should I Clean My Carpet?"

Carpet Maintenance Tips

But professional cleaning is just the start. To get the most from your carpet - to extend its useful life, to maintain its beauty and softness, and to prevent permanent stains & premature wear and tear -- we recommend regular maintenance tasks that you can take between professional cleanings, and we can advise what to do about spots and spills between cleanings.
Please read these tips for maintaining your carpets

If you ever have any questions about your carpet and its maintenance, please call! James will be happy to be your go-to carpet expert that you can rely on for answers, anytime.

Carpet Cleaning Frequency Infographic